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Amie Gosselin Links

Looking for a link I posted on social? You'll find it here.

Child exploitation on the rise during COVID-19 [SEA Globe]

Quoted on behalf of 10ThousandWindows in this important piece raising awareness about online child exploitation.

sea glob article.png

Al Jazeera

Interviewed for this article on behalf of 10ThousandWindows: Trafficking warning in Asia as coronavirus pummels economies. 

Al Jazeera.png

Relevant Magazine

Human Trafficking Survivors are the Hidden Victims of COVID-19. April 23, 2020

Annotation 2020-04-23 094928.png

Life is Adventure

Travel and adventure stories solo and with our kids. 

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Thoughts and musings about non-profit communications, leadership, and life.

Hand Writing

Stride Against Slavery

Challenge yourself. Challenge slavery. 10ThousandWindows' community event to take strides against slavery. 

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